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Who I Am

Innovation & Strategy Builder

Physical & Digital Product Manager

Entrepreneur & Design Professional


My Motto

Hands-on defining strategy, designing products and driving business forward, with the goal to win, serve and retain custoamers, and build successful businesses.

What I Do


Defining Strategy & Innovation

My conviction is, that a well-defined product and innovation strategy drives a successful business and defines how a kit of parts can become a profitable business. Followed by a firm go-to-market strategy based on analysis of factors like: market positioning, target group, competitors, trends, user testing, etc. will succeed delivering a unique value proposition to the target market.


Designing & Managing Products

Even when designing single products I like thinking of product systems rather than solely products. I want to understand the subtle tipping point when a twist in consumer behavior creates an opening for a better product or a new one. That’s when the connection between design and business happens. When design figures out the human interface, then good design equals good business.


Driving Business & Culture

I am constantly looking for ways to improve how business and technology come together. But this changes can easily affect employee behavior and performance. Accordingly it is important to think about ways how corporate culture can adapt and keep the pace with innovation, so both can benefit – the company and its employees.

In my experience, combining the three principles above results in a working ecosystem and a far better platform for innovation and commercial success than an isolated approach.

My Expertise


•Start-ups & Ecosystem
•Lean Product Strategy
•Innovation Strategy
•Technology Strategy
•Product Development
•Product Management


•Target Market Analysis
•Competitor Analysis
•Market Positioning
•Target Group Definition
•Concept Validation
•User Testing & Interviews


•User Centered Design
•Product Design
•Industrial Design
•Automotive Design
•Corporate Identity
•Taxonomy & Terminology

3D & CAD

•Alias Surface Modelling
•Class A Modelling
•Construction Standards
•Rapid Prototyping
•3D Printing Techniques
•Manufacturing Feasibility

My Bio

  • •Clients

    BMW, Mini, Audi, Porsche, Rolls Royce

  • •My Qualifications

    —5+ years experience in Class A surface digital modelling  —Technical knowledge of CAD construction Standards and techniques  —Working knowledge of studio design process and of manufacturing processes  —Working knowledge of milling processes for developing clay, foam, plastic and SLA 3D printed models for research properties, show vehicles and design decision meetings  —In depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design)

  • •As a Team Leader

    I am responsible to oversee theday-to-day operations of the team, distribute theworkload amongst staff and make sure motivation and performance levels are maintained.

  • •As a Designer & Alias 3D Modeller

    I create Digital Class A Surface Design Models from 2dimensional sketches, scans, engineering sections or alias data. Work closely together with otherdesigners and engineers to meet the high estheticsand technological standards of the customers andto incorporate engineering and manufacturing feasibility criteria. My skills allow me to work oninterior or on exterior design projects for futureproduction cars, concept cars as well as detail designfor components e.g. mirrors, seats, dash board, lights, etc.

  • Freelancer – Design & Alias 3D Modelling

    After I graduated, I started my professional career by freelancing as design professional & alias 3Ddesign modeller. During this time I had the possibility to gain veritable experience by working for avariety of companies from different sectors like the automotive, consumer goods, health care,electronics and sports industry.

  • 2008
  • •Clients

    E.ON AG, Hymer Innovations & Design Center, Renault/Dacia, EVO Bus, Xbox, WMF, Pioneer Productions…

  • •As a Head Designer

    I supervised the whole designprocess for our clients and worked closelytogether with my team, other designers and engineers to meet the high esthetics and technologicalstandards of our customers and to incorporate engineering and manufacturing feasibility criteria.

  • •As a Leader and Manager

    I was responsible to oversee the day-to-day operations of the team,distribute the workload amongst staff and ensure that motivation and performance levels aremaintained. Other responsibilities: project management, product development, client relations,acquisition.

  • •As a Founder

    I developed a design philosophy, established comprehensive approach for the workstandards of my company and defined the corporate identity. All branding and marketing decisionswere targeted to position ourselves on the market with clear differentiators based on the definition:“we design products that inspire by their appearance, convince by their user experience and ‘wow’by challenging conventional thinking.”

  • Founder at ObeyaDesign Agency

    ObeyaDesign was a design agency with the goal to design sustainable products that are in balance withthe emotions and needs of end user and to accomplish the goals of companies we are working for.

  • 2010
  • •As a Co-Founder

    In a start up with a small team and high ambitions, my highest challenge was toquickly tackle several big tasks at once, stay calm and accomplish them with a high level of accuracy,usually under time pressure and with little capital. During this period my learning curve exponentially improved on different levels at once: from planning, prioritizing and delegating tasks, over design,corporate identity and concept definition, to revenue models, product strategy and businessdevelopment.

  • •When Starting this Business

    We were 2 co-founders. Then we steadily expanded the team and wereproud to have the start-up accelerator Wayra ownedby Telefonica involved as investor.Unfortunately, we had to close the doors.

  • Co-Founder at ImmoMatch

    ImmoMatch was a real estate landlord and tenant online matching platform.The idea was to use individual profiles of tenants& landlords in order to match only tenants andlandlords that fit. With our matching tool, we simplified the process for both sides. We helpedtenants stand out and accelerated the selection process for landlords. Basically we worked as a filterfor quality in the finding and selection process.

  • 2013
  • • As a Manager of Business Technology & Product Strategy

    I defined and drove the businesstechnology strategy, to bring the products and services in the most profitable way on the market.Ongoing market research on competition and trends were inevitable to understand current andfuture market development, formulate strategies for a successful market positioning and identify ago-to-market strategy to win, keep and retain customers.

  • •As a Designer

    I created several versions of our app and web page in order to constantly improvethe user interface and user experience and to create a comprehensive corporate identity for ourproducts and business.

  • •As a Leader of the IT & Product Team

    I aligned the organization’s technological development andbusiness processes according to the business modeland the strategy.Based on my custom-made product strategy road map for product development, our team was ableto plan why, how and when to introduce new features. So we could keep up with customer and userrequirements by implementing features and using hardware in a profitable and economical manner.

  • Co-Founder at Zyncd

    ZYNCD is a Q&A platform, especially built for businesses and their customers. It brings their networkto life, encourages communication, increases user engagement and generates business insights. Itgives the customers the possibility to ask each other questions, communicate with the business,solve challenges and create top-quality content.

  • 2014
  • Founder at SignumOne

    Details TBA

  • 2015

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Roland Cernat

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I’m passionate about new ideas, innovative business models and products, meeting interesting people and exploring exciting opportunities. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll do my best.