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Who I Am

Design and Innovation Strategy Consultant

for Physical- and Digital-Products

My Motto

I work at the intersection of design, business strategy and technology to help start-ups and companies to win, serve and retain customers, identify new business opportunities, improve offerings and differentiate from competitors.

What I Do


Defining Innovation

My conviction is, that a well-defined product and innovation strategy drives a successful business and defines how a kit of parts can become a profitable business. Only when exploring scenarios, innovation opportunities can be identified and materialize in new products, services, categories and experiences. This approach succeeds delivering a unique value proposition to the target market.


Designing Products

Even when designing single products I like to think of product systems rather than solely products. I want to understand the subtle tipping point when a twist in consumer behavior creates an opening point for a better product or a new one. That’s when the connection between design and business happens. When design figures out the human interface, then good design equals good business.


Driving Strategy

When business, technology and products change by innovation, this directly affects the whole ecosystem, including employee behavior and performance. So, it is crucial to figure out how the system can evolve under a common leit motiv, that builds internal innovation cultures where designers, engineers and traditional business operators can collaborate and thrive as a team.

In my experience, combining the three principles above results in a working ecosystem and a far better platform for innovation and commercial success than an isolated approach.

My Expertise


•Start-ups & Entrepreneurship
•Lean Product Strategy
•Innovation Strategy
•Ideation Techniques
•Innovation Process
•Innovation Culture
•Concept Validation
•Scenario Planning


•Human-Centered Design
•Product Design
•Brand Identity
•Design Strategy
•Design Thinking
•Design Research
•UX / User Experience
•UI / User Interface
•Taxonomy & Terminology


•Target Market Analysis
•Target Group Definition
•Competitor & Trend Analysis
•Market Positioning
•Go-to-Market Strategy
•Creative Strategy
•Human Factors
•Collaboration & Productivity
•Business Technology

Contact Me

Roland Cernat

Feel Free To Get In Touch

I’m passionate about new ideas, innovative business models and products, meeting interesting people and exploring exciting opportunities. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll do my best.